Associates are the face of Laguna’s Awesome Party Palace for the customers who walk through the doors each day. Our customers expect associates to be smiling, eager, knowledgeable and friendly.

On a typical day as an associate you can expect:
  • A fast-paced, exciting environment
  • Customers who count on personal, trustable, and excellent service
  • To be on your feet 4 -8 hours a day
  • Questions from customers about our Information: Party Packages, Open Hours, Party Reservations and all other services
  • To learn something new

We're accepting Applications now

  • If you can provide FUN for our Customers, that will be Great!
  • Part Time : Are you able to work on weekdays & weekends? That's perfect!
  • Weekend Part Time: Are you able to work on weekends? Awesome!
  • Seasonal Part time: Are you able to work on weekdays & weekends? Super!
  • Please e-mail questions or resume to:
  • We will not answer questions over the phone about positions